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About the Bar

We want to change the bottle service experience.

Our Mission

Why is it that you can only find bottle service at clubs or for wine at dinner? The Last Whisky Bar aims to change how we experience going out with friends by bringing the top shelf experience to the everyday patron. We provide a place for people to collectively buy a bottle of one of our curated whiskeys to share amongst friends. You decide if you want it neat, turned into a cocktail, or to gift a glass to someone else. When you’re done with your night, your bottle will be kept safe until your next visit.

How Does Bottle Sharing Work?

You, and up to 5 other people, can go in to buy a bottle of top shelf, curated whiskey. At the end of the night the bottle stays in your locker for the next visit. Everyone’s pours are tracked, and when the bottle is finished a pour summary will be shared with those who bought into the bottle. Don’t make a pour decision on who to share a bottle with! We only track distribution, not designation.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Please fill out our Bottle Keep Code of Conduct and Registration form online here. An owner will reach out to you within 4-6 business days to confirm your information, discuss your bottle and locker number, and answer any questions you may have.

Do You Have Regular Drinks Too?

Of course! We only serve top shelf brands, so all mixed drinks are made of some of the best spirits available. For the non-whiskey inclined, there is a curated list of spirits, wines, and beers to choose from.

What’s This I Hear About Your Events?

We have dozens of music and themed events in the works! We also occasionally host members-only events, private events, holiday events, etc. You get the gist. Please note that even for our events, the inside of the bar is for people 21+ only. Dogs and underage people with well-behaved adults are allowed in our outdoor space when appropriate or reasonable.

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